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Abusive Relationships

Moving past the past

Abuse work

we can look atNo matter whether the abuse is physical or emotional, and ongoing or historical, any behaviour that harms or upsets you is abusive. You cannot and should not blame yourself.

Therapy can help in removing yourself from abusive behaviour, ending an abusive relationship, restoring self-esteem in instances of historical abuse and offering support in instances where the perpetrator is being dealt with by the legal system.

My advanced diploma in counselling gives you the assurance and peace of mind that I am experienced in this area. In my clinical experience, I have worked closely with the sufferers of abuse for decades. I recognise the feelings of neglect and abandonment that many victims face, as well as the emotional manipulation that your abuser may have put you through. By understanding your situation, we can look at – and work with – these issues, so you can live a life on your terms, not someone else’s.

If you would like to restore the self-esteem and trust that abuse can rob from you, please do consider how therapy can help. To talk over your own circumstances, feel free to contact me. You can phone me or send a message – just click the button below.

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You can find me at Huddersfield’s Foot Centre: a multi-purpose treatment and therapy centre in Huddersfield town centre.

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​Phone: 07973 282824