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Anger Management

Learn to control your emotions

Anger Management

Anger can steal us from our family. It can steal us from our jobs. And it can steal us from our sense of self-worth. But anger can also be managed and harnessed. It can be used not to kick out and hurt people, but instead utilised as an internal powerful motivator.

Anger is entirely natural. But when expressed disproportionately, it is unhealthy. Don’t let it continue to harm you and those around you. In my years of clinical practice, I’ve used non-conventional techniques such as drama and creative arts to explore the source of the anger. By understanding the “Why” we can deal with the “When” and “How” of managing it.

If you are tired of your emotional volatility holding you back, ruining relationships and negatively impacting on your quality of life, choose to make a positive change. You hold the power to do it. After working together, you will be left with a lifetime worth of proven tactics and techniques you can put into action as soon as you recognise your anger trigger points kicking in.

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