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Grief and Bereavement

Providing support during difficult times

Grief and Bereavement therapy

You feel angry, guilty, mournful, isolated or just plain sad. It’s entirely justified; the loss of a loved one affects us all, regardless of our age, beliefs or personality. Adjusting to this enormous life change is often difficult, and can leave many people feeling alone and stuck, especially with the loss of a soulmate and confidant.

Often, the way to move past these feelings that envelop you is to open up about how you are feeling. As a trained bereavement counsellor, I have a professional understanding of the grieving process.

It’s not about learning to forget. It’s about learning to forgive, cherish and continue on making the best life possible for yourself. Acknowledgement is a hugely important step in the healing process. We are all different; each of us has differing time-frames for the bereavement period. I can help by offering an understanding of the mourning process, helping to resolve areas of conflict that may still exist which prevent you from moving on, and enabling adjustment to this new period of your life.

You never forget the person you lost. That is certainly not the purpose of bereavement counselling. However, if you would like to return to functioning normally and feeling a new purpose about your own life, do contact me to explore how I can help. Click the button below to send me a message.

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