Dena Adamson

Physical and Psychological Trauma

Helping you reconnect and rebuild

Physical and Psychological trauma counselling

Life can seem to be trundling on just fine. Then, completely out of the blue, it hits you: A traumatic event. Maybe physical. Perhaps psychological. But suddenly your entire life balance is thrown up in the air. You just want things back to how they were before, but it feels like nothing will ever be the same again. Trust is eradicated; beliefs destroyed.

I can help piece together what you have been through, and begin to work on restoring your confidence, trust and emotional resilience to how they were previously. This is achieved through a sequence of individual therapy sessions. Taking time to understand how you feel about the traumatic event that impacted on your life, and working on a roadmap to emotional recovery.

As someone with significant professional experience in dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I am acutely aware of the need for feeling of protection and surety. Our sessions take place in a safe, private, confidential place. I am certain that you will feel comfortable in our regular our one-to-one meetings at my Huddersfield town-centre-based therapy room. I like to think of it as a little sanctuary.

You don’t have to feel isolated. Falling off the social radar is common after a traumatic experience, but regular connection and a support network is vital to rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem If you would like to take the first step to emotional recovery, it’s as simple as sending me a message.

Find me:

You can find me at Huddersfield’s Foot Centre: a multi-purpose treatment and therapy centre in Huddersfield town centre.

7 Byram Street,

​Phone: 07973 282824