Dena Adamson

Relationship Issues

Developing and nurturing meaningful, rewarding relationships

Relationship Therapy

The TV and movies sells us the lie that good, strong relationships are effortless. That life for everyone else is all sunshine and happiness. If you don’t feel like this, you may benefit from relationship counselling.

Rich and fulfilling relationships come about through communication, support and an emotional connection. At times, these things can drift. Similarly, we’re not all born with the innate social skills to make relationships work. In just the same way you take guidance and learn physical skills, consider working on your relationship skills.

I offer both one-to-one and couples counselling from my private therapy room in Huddersfield’s town centre. We will go through a sequence of exercises designed to build trust, respect and communication. If a particular event earlier in your relationship is causing friction, we will work to resolve your feelings associated with this, and examine the obstacles preventing you enjoying a full and fruitful relationship.

If something is holding your relationship back, if you’d prefer to work on restoring the love and trust that once existed, or towards healthy endings, please do contact me. Over the phone or in person, I can go over how we can devise a relationship counselling programme developed to fit your exact needs. Problems can be overcome; I’ve helped many people do just that.

Find me:

You can find me at Huddersfield’s Foot Centre: a multi-purpose treatment and therapy centre in Huddersfield town centre.

7 Byram Street,

​Phone: 07973 282824